Conference Registration

Conference Registration

General Information on Registration

Registration for the TeaP 2020 opened in October 2019. All attendees of the TeaP 2020 must register and pay the appropriate registration fees. All presenters must register and pay the registration fee.

If you intend to attend the Conference Dinner on Tuesday (March 24, 2020), you have to purchase a Dinner ticket. Note that the number of those tickets is limited. We therefore recommend to register early if you want to attend the Dinner.

If you have any questions concerning your registration, please contact

Important Dates

October 1, 2019

Registration opens

January 31, 2020

End of early-bird rate

February 20, 2020

End of regular rate

March 22, 2020

Begin of the TeaP 2020

Registration Fees

Registration fees depend on the time of registration and on the attendee's status. 

Note that PhD students are eligible for an additional discount if they are associated members of the Section "General Psychology" (Fachgruppe Allgemeine Psychologie) of the German Psychological Society (DGPs). This is a special offer that only applies to associated members of this DGPs Section (i.e., not to regular members of this DGPs Section) . If you select this discount, we will send your name to a spokesperson of the Section "General Psychology" in order to confirm your membership.

If you are not yet an associated member of the DGPs Section "General Psychology", you can apply for membership now to benefit from reduced registration fees. In this case, when asked please select „just registered" and upload a scan or photo of your application form when prompted to do so (mind to include both pages). We will check with the spokespersons of the "General Psychology" Section to confirm your application. Please note, that you still have to send the actual application to the address at the top of the form, in addition to uploading the scan/photo.

Early Bird Rate
available until January 31, 2020

Regular Rate
available until February 20, 2020

Late Rate
available after February 20, 2020

Associated Members of the DGPs Section General Psychology1

€ 29

€ 49

€ 149

Student Attendees2

€ 54

€ 74

€ 174

Others (e.g. regular members of DGPs Sections)

€ 134

€ 154

€ 254

Additional Fee for the Conference Dinner

€ 33

€ 33


Discount applies to current associated members as well as those who just applied for an associated membership

Discount applies to PhD, Bachelor, and Master students

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